I'm a software developer operating for a mysterious entity operating out of an undisclosed location. Before my current gig, I was a research programmer at Carnegie Mellon University for five years; there, I worked primarily on building computational models of high-level cognition using the ACT-R framework. A non-exclusive list of my interests includes leftist politics, the NBA, philosophy, programming, and physics.

This website is intended as an incomplete collection of what I'm doing, thinking, writing, or otherwise creating. All opinions expressed are extremely me.

About Me

I was born in Odessa in the former Soviet Union; my family emigrated to California in 1989. I grew up in San Diego and went to Berkeley for undergrad, where I majored in physics and math. Because I routinely make poor life choices, instead of going to Silicon Valley and making actual money, I then instead went to Brown for grad school, where I did my Ph.D. in observational cosmology with Greg Tucker. After that I spent five years at Carnegie Mellon University where I worked in the psychology department as a research programmer. Now I work in a secret bunker at an undisclosed black site where I build interfaces to regulatory documents.